Let me introduce you to the accounting firm of James L. Ulvog, CPA.  I am a sole practitioner providing audits, reviews, information tax return preparation, and consulting services to the religious nonprofit community.

The focus of my accounting firm is to serve organizations by providing needed audit and consulting projects. These can be leveraged to improve ministries in the areas of accounting, finance, and management.  Helping ministries function well in those areas is one of many factors that in turn make it possible for the ministries to have a greater impact in their mission.

An audit provides a valuable level of accountability to an organization.  The conversations and feedback that take place while providing audits or reviews are good opportunities for organizations to stretch.  A review can meet the needs of lenders and some foundations. Compilations can met the needs of a growing portion of lenders and funders.

Focused consulting projects provide another opportunity to help organizations move forward.

Located in North Dakota, serving Southern California 

In 2022 I moved to Williston, North Dakota.  We are about 80 miles from the Canadian border.

Why?, I hear you ask.  Chasing grandkids.  My wife and I want to spent more time with the little ones and watch them grow.

Although I am located in North Dakota, I continue to serve my clients in the Southern California area.  In over two years from the start of the pandemic until relocating, I was in a client’s office only about 4 days.  It is just as easy to work remotely from Williston as it was from Rancho Cucamonga.


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